Differentiation Made Easy:
Teaching with a Workshop Approach

Mrs. Kady's Workshop Classroom

Many educators today have been told that we must differentiate our instruction (and for good reason).  For many of us, we might be thinking, "that's easier said than done!"  I used to be one of those teachers until I took matters into my own hands.  I began conducting action research in my classroom over the past few years on really meeting the individual needs of all my diverse learners in my classroom.  Through my research I found the answer to the differentiation puzzle - I needed to run my classroom in the workshop model.  Once our classroom is set up in a workshop format, teachers are freed up to meet in small groups or more importantly, individually with their students.  

With any change, it can be tough because we are doing something different, but once we see the impact it has on our teaching and our students, our teaching will never be the same and our students will be more successful because of it!  This website is meant to help you on your journey to implementing a workshop model in your very own classroom.  Whether you teach kindergarten or eighth grade, the model is still the same.  Even though the lessons may be different, the goal of the workshop does not change - to meet the individual needs of our students.  After all, isn't that what differentiation is all about?  I think the answer is a great, big "Yes!"

Mrs. Julie Kady
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